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Chairman / Party Secretary / CEO of Sinopharm Group Co. Ltd

Chairman of Sinopharm Holding (China) Finance Leasing Co. Ltd

Zhiming Li

Having faced with the complicated domestic and international macro-environment, and coexistence of challenges and opportunities since the "13th Five-Year Plan", Sinopharm Group Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Sinopharm Group") has improved its service quality and efficiency and sought for transition and innovation by following closely the guideline of "strategic rebalancing" and establishing firmly the "new concept" of "creating benefits from deepening reform, development through innovation, improving management, coordinated development and risk management and control". It helps Sinopharm build a smart healthcare service system by focusing on "integration of wholesale and retail" and expanding business in finance, medical instruments, logistics, medical treatment and health management. Under the new corporate strategy, Sinopharm Group works actively to enter the financial leasing market to accelerate the industrial development, promoting the integration of industrial resources and capitals and to enhance the core competitiveness of the company by taking advantages of financial means.

The social influence of financial leasing industry continues to increase as a driving force for the development of real economy and an important bridge between capital and industry. Sinopharm Holding (China) Finance Leasing Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Sinopharm Holding Finance Leasing") makes unremitting endeavor to drive the integration of financial capital and industrial resources and becomes the engine of leading enterprises in China's medicine and health industry. Relying on the physical resources and brand advantages provided by shareholders in the medicine and health field, financial leasing industry also helps shareholders to achieve efficient business collaboration, improving the efficiency of industrial portfolios and competitiveness of the industrial chain. As a reward, it provides shareholders with considerable economic returns in terms of profitability.

With the strong background of our shareholders, abundant capital, government and enterprise resources and senior partners in various fields, Sinopharm Holding Finance Leasing provides its customers with comprehensive, diverse, innovative and personalized financial products and services to achieve mutual value growth with customers, shareholders and partners. Sinopharm Holding Finance Leasing will strive to achieve a sustained and sound development, strengthen internal business collaboration, promoting close cooperation with Sinopharm Group in various business segments, and actively explore innovative business to be fully integrated into the market competition and to support the development of physical industries in various forms, and finally step into the "first camp" of China's financial leasing industry.

General Manager of Sinopharm Holding (China) Finance Leasing Co. Ltd

Chairman of Sinopharm Holdings Healthcare Finance Industry ( Shanghai ) Co., Ltd.

Kai Chen

The rapid development of domestic financial leasing industry has attracted a large amount of capital into the market. With a number of large financial leasing companies accumulating assets over ¥100 billion, the influence of financial leasing industry keeps growing and is expected to exert a great impact on the socio-economic development.

Sinopharm Holding (China) Finance Leasing co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Sinopharm Holding Finance Leasing") was established by Sinopharm Group Co., Ltd, a leading pharmaceutical firm, in Shanghai FTZ. Established in the industry boom, Sinopharm Holding Finance Leasing focuses on society and people's livelihood with business scope covering all aspects of healthcare industry. In addition, the company is determined to develop further in the public facilities constructions, expanding actively in the science, education, culture and tourism business, and unceasingly exploring the transportation and logistics industry. We aim to provide our customers with all-round financial services and gradually develop the company into a diversified financial services holding group through product portfolio of leasing, factoring, investment and financial advisory.

Ever since, with the full support of all sectors of society and by adhering to the business philosophy of "harmonious development, communication and trust, profession and efficiency, innovation and excellence", Sinopharm Holding Finance Leasing always dedicate to improve the management level, enriching business models, cultivating the core competitiveness and earnestly fulfilling the corporate social responsibility. Over the years, we have formed favorable industry influence and brand image. Under the "people-oriented" personnel policy, the company values talents as the core resources of the enterprise and gathers a group of professionals with extensive experience and insight in financial leasing, financial investment, risk management and so forth. It lays a solid foundation for the sustainable development of the company.

As society enters the stage of knowledge economy and the accelerated integration of creativity, technology and capital, financial leasing industry is expected to thrive dynamically, which creates rare development opportunities for the company. Guided by the strategy of "focusing on Chinese healthcare industry, integrating with people's livelihood, contributing to the development of leasing industry, and developing a global perspective", Sinopharm Holding Finance Leasing will continue to improve the construction of brand image, expand business network and improve professional service capabilities to provide our customers with high quality and efficient integrated financial services and jointly create a new peak of development.

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